High Definition Color for High Impact Printing

ColorMark High Definition Color & Printing

The human eye perceives a limitless range of subtle color variations, but traditional printing and color separation can only achieve a limited portion of that range. CMHD, our proprietary color system, is the solution for projects that truly need to take advantage of an increased tonal range.

CMHD defies limitations found within standard 4-color process. It assures maximum accuracy and reduces make-ready errors and time on press by printing at higher than traditional densities on standard offset presses.

Our patented CMHD process uses an innovative 4-color process to achieve intense, saturated color without compromising subtle flesh tones, neutrals and other details.

  • CMHD simply produces more color by increasing the tonal range beyond the CMYK gamut (color range normally achieved with traditional 4-color offset printing).
  • CMHD provides precision control over a significantly greater number of print variables.
  • CMHD works on a Web-based platform that allows more effective collaboration between businesses, regardless of location.

CMHD Applications

CMHD was developed by a team of highly-experienced print tradespeople
dedicated to resolving the challenges of producing high density printing for clients
requiring high impact visual communications.

CMHD is perfectly suited for:

  • showcasing fine art and photography
  • expressing subtlety in beauty and fashion images
  • demonstrating details in high-end products
  • presenting gourmet foods and beverages

CMHD has many industry applications:

  • Food service
  • Automobile manufacturers and dealers
  • Fashion, beauty and cosmetics
  • Art publications
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & hospitality and many more

Unlike standard systems that typically use RGB and/or CMYK color models, CMHD uses all seven color families to manage image color. CMHD uses an unmatched 32 channels, allowing for the highest control of color ever seen using 4-color offset printing, while conventional printing uses only the four color channels (CMYK) for image compensation.

The patented software powering the CMHD system also solves the traditional color additive failure by allowing each printed image access to a 58% larger color gamut.

How It Works

CMHD In Action

With CMHD, drastic color and definition improvement is highly noticeable on any substrate; from a toothy vellum to the highest cast coated sheet.

CMHD may also be used digitally, to improve RGB images for the Web.

Click on any of the following to see a comparison of traditional SWOP color and CMHD color.

See the CMHD difference for yourself!

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